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The Couple

DECEMBER 17, 2016 | 2:30PM

Join us in celebrating the marriage of Lindsay and Andrew.

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How it all started

From the Bride:

Our story began in 2011. My friend Lynette and her now husband, Ryan, threw a party at their house in July. After months of trying to “set me up with someone”, Lynette was excited because she thought I might meet someone that night. I went over to their house early to help set up, and when I asked who would be coming to the party, Lynette said a bunch of names and then said “oh, and also Ryan’s friend Andrew might come. He’s really cute but very quiet. Probably not your type”. I met a lot of new people that night, but I wasn’t having a great time and decided to head home early. As I was getting ready to leave, a guy walked in and I immediately found Lynette and said “who is that? He is totally my type! Why have I never met him before? You’ve tried to set me up with so many other guys except him!”. It was Andrew and it was love at first sight. Lynette and Ryan were right; Andrew was very quiet and I barely got two words out of him the whole night, but I knew he was the one I had been waiting for. After Andrew left the party, I asked Lynette what Andrew’s last name was. “Errico. Lindsay Errico, yes that sounds good” I said. A few days later, we had our first kiss. It was perfect, but also frustrating because Andrew moved to Philadelphia to finish school the following week and we didn’t see each other again for almost 8 months.

I was living on Long Island the following year and was shocked one day to receive a text from Andrew wanting to get together. OH MY GOSH I WAS SO EXCITED. He was home from Philadelphia for the weekend and we agreed to meet up for dinner and a movie. We went to Chili’s and saw 21 Jump Street (romantic, right?) and then we got to repeat our first kiss. Again, it was perfect, but I knew that this time I wouldn’t wait 8 months for it to happen again. Andrew came home the following weekend and we had our second date. Then a third and a fourth. Finally he was home on Long Island for the summer and we were inseparable. I had found my best friend, the love of my life, my better half, the person who made me feel whole. When Andrew had to go back to school in September, we knew our relationship was meant to last more than just the summer. After a few months of being apart, I decided to move to Philadelphia to be with Andrew. Two apartments, one house, and 2 dogs later, we are now engaged and can’t wait to be Mr. and Mrs. Errico!

Of course I’ll share a bit about “the proposal”, because like everything Andrew does for me, it was thoughtful, kind, and perfect. On Christmas morning of 2015, I woke up to a very quiet house. It was supposed to be my turn to take the dogs out, but I got out of bed and Andrew was already up and outside with them. That was enough of a Christmas present for me…I hate taking the pups out when it’s cold! I went downstairs and there was one big box beautifully wrapped under the tree. I was a little confused! My parents were upstairs and when Andrew came inside, he sent dog, Zoey, up with them. He handed me our other dog, Kaia, for some Christmas morning snuggles and pointed out that Santa brought her a new collar. I looked at the tag on the collar, an adorable pink heart. When I read the inscription on the tag, I nearly fainted. It said: Lindsay, will you marry me? As I read it, Andrew walked over with that big, beautifully wrapped box. Inside I found the most beautiful, perfect, exquisite ring a girl could ever dream about. I said YES!

From the Groom:

Yes, what she said!

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen


Alli Pamlayne, Maid of Honor


Maid of Honor

Amy Robinson, Bridesmaid



Kelly Warburton, Bridesmaid



Christina Lorenz, Bridesmaid



Flynn Warburton, Bridesmaid




Keith Lorenz, Best Man


Best Man

Tommy Doner, Groomsman



Ryan Fernandez, Groomsman



Bobby Villano, Groomsman



Tim Warburton, Groomsman



Wedding Information

St. Patrick's Bayshore, New York


St. Patrick’s Church

9 N Clinton Avenue
Bay Shore, New York 11706

Map It!

A full Wedding Mass will begin at 2:30pm at St. Patrick’s.

Lessing's Mansion at Timber Point


Mansion at Timber Point

398 Great River Road
Great River, New York 11739

Map It!

Cocktail hour and reception to follow at Timber Point at 5:30pm.

Hilton Garden Inn


Hilton Garden Inn

3485 Veterans Memorial Highway
Ronkonkoma, New York 11779

Map It!

After the event you are welcome to join us at the Hilton Garden Inn.

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13 people wrote to us

Alli Pamlanye

Can’t wait to celebrate two of the best people ever. Love you! #happilyevererrico

Aunt Ca

Fabulous you guys! I love it. Andrew, you really are perfect for her

Mrs. Pam

Crying happy tears…..can’t wait for the wedding…love you both!

Cynthia Fernandez

Lindsay and Andrew (my favorite couple) . Loved your story especially loved Andrew’s version. So happy for you both! Can’t wait for the wedding. Don’t know what you do with a Hashtag but love yours. #happilyevererrico

Carl Corry

Best wishes to you both!I love it when we expand the family with wonderful people. – Your cuz

Love, Nicole, Tommy, Tommy Jr & Joseph

Love this!! You guys are perfect for one another! Can’t wait to share your special day with you both!! ❤️


Counting down the days…


19 days! Can’t wait to marry my best friend!

Sal and Diane Errico (Mom & Dad)

Andrew & Lindsay, if there is one thing mom and I know for sure, it’s that your so good for each other. It’s one thing to be in love, but it’s another to be the best of friends. As I know you have said Lindsay, it’s the greatest to be in love with your very “best” friend! Mom and I know GOD has joined your two souls for…”LOVE” for…”LIFE” … “FOREVER”. GOD has brought both of you together , first as friends to grow in love and happiness as “one”. Many blessings on this special day of your marriage, and always BE HAPPY! 🙂
Love always, Mom and Dad

Caitlin Kidder

What a wonderful love story! You two make a fabulous couple. So happy for you guys and I can’t wait to celebrate the big day! Lots of love and best wishes. xoxo

Mrs. Pam

Feeling excited!

Aunt Fran

Do you have anyone to serve as your Eucharistic Minister???????? I am qualified

Ryan Fernandez

2 days!!!!!! Deserves a Ric Flair, Woooooooooo!